Hope Bridges Missionaries – Zeb and Rachelle Morlok

Married for 3 years, Rachelle and Zeb Morlok hail from Kansas City, MO, each with a background in international missions. Both raised in the church with the love and support of their families, they each knew the Lord was calling them to overseas missions; at age fifteen for Rachelle and in his late twenties for Zeb. They have made a three-year commitment to partner with Hope Bridges to live and serve in Thailand

The Morloks have been serving in Thailand since September 2015 under Hope Bridges. This past March they welcomed their first born Delanie Ann. She was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Morlok’s first year was focused around learning a new culture and language. As they get ready to dive into their second year their focus is to continue to learn the local language and to build lasting relationships with the people group they work with.

How do the Morlok’s help Hope Bridges?

They help with the educational home that Hope Bridges supports. They purchase all the food and hygiene products and deliver it to the home They make sure that Hope Bridges is up to date on following the Thai law for supporting an educational home in Northern Thailand and they also oversee the caretakers to make sure they understand their job.

This past year they have helped with putting in place a Christmas party, Back to School Campaign and are in the midst of planning a wellness checkup for the home.

Zeb and Rachelle ask for prayer as they continue to learn the culture and language and support will continue to come in so that they can continue to work in Northern Thailand aiding Hope Bridges.

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